Home Buyer Advice: Think Twice About Working With The Listing Agent

The biggest issue with dual agency is that having the same person represent both sides can be seen as an ethical dilemma.
If a listing agent has already established a relationship with the seller, they may want to settle with a higher price.
The agent’s role can get a little confusing for the buyer and the seller. You need to know your agent is representing your best interests.
A dual agent cannot have an undivided loyalty and cannot provide a full range of fiduciary duties to both parties.
Think about it. The seller wants the highest possible price for the property. The buyer wants the lowest possible price. There’s an inherent conflict of interest in a dual agency transaction.
As the buyer, you might think you can cut your costs and speed the deal by working with a dual agent. But if you get a good agent of your own, that person should be able to negotiate a better deal that outweighs a reduction in commission.

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 7:25 pm
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