Time to sell your home? Make sure to show up in the home buying mobile apps

The rise of mobile applications has transformed our daily lives by shaping the way we work, spend leisure time, and search for information. In 2014, global usage of mobile devices surpassed desktop usage and it has continued to be preferred channel to consume information. With over 2.2 million mobile apps to choose from, users stay glued to their phones, causing consumption to drastically increase.
The real estate industry has capitalized on this trend and created a mobile marketplace where buyers can easily search for homes by using real estate apps. And their marketing efforts are proving to be successful. 68% of new home shoppers use real estate mobile applications throughout the entire house hunting process.
It’s not enough to show up on the big real estate websites. These days, you need to think mobile first. In the Apple App Store, the top six real estate apps listed for buyers include:


List your properties here to ensure the high visibility and talk with your real estate agent to for additional insight on city-specific mobile applications that you should be listed on. (source: homelight.com)

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Posted on May 29, 2018 at 1:19 am
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