5 reasons you shouldn’t take your home off the market for the holidays

1) Your listing will rise to the top.
If homeowners in your neighborhood take a break from the market because they don’t want to bother keeping their property in show ready condition over the holidays, that makes four reduced inventory. Less competition means more buyers will be looking at your property.

2) Your house looks and smells amazing during the holidays.
With that nice, homey feeling, homes tend to show a lot better during the holidays, while making people feel really good.

3) Holiday home buyers are very Serious. Potential buyers who take the time to set up home tours during the holiday season are more motivated to move forward if they like what they see.

4) Families often search during school breaks. They want to find the right property, have stress free negotiations, and get their families settled before school starts up again in January

5) It can be easier to close a transaction in December. Buyers can often get their loan processed and approved faster in November or December then they would in traditionally busy spring months.
(Source: Realtor.com)

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 12:50 am
Steven Galindo | Category: A Thought About Real Estate, Home Seller Advice

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