5 Reasons To Sell Your Home Early In 2018

5 Reasons To Sell Your Home Early In 2018

  1. Mortgage rates are historically low which is drawing buyers into the market before they go up
  2. Inventory is low and demand is high. The less homes on the market, the better for you. If you want top dollar, then competition from other home sellers will decrease your chances.
  3.  Home prices are still increasing
  4.  People have more money in their pocket, unemployment is on the decline
  5.  Millennials are ready to commit.  This age group is projected to account for 43% of home buyers in 2018 (source: realtor.com)

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December 2017 Consumer Confidence Index Report…

The real estate market is driven by the emotions (and confidence) of home buyers. That’s why tracking the Consumer Confidence Index will give you an indicator of things to come in the future of real estate sales. The Consumer Confidence Index® decreased in December, following a modest improvement in November. The Index now stands at 122.1 (1985=100), down from 128.6 in November. The decline in confidence was fueled by a somewhat less optimistic outlook for business and job prospects in the coming months. Consumers’ assessment of current conditions, however, improved moderately. Despite the decline in confidence, consumers’ expectations remain at historically strong levels, suggesting economic growth will continue well into 2018.”

I predict the real estate market will stay steady yet may see prices increase at a slower pace.

Source: December 2017 Consumer Confidence Survey®

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5 Things To Consider BEFORE Selling Your Home


  1. Tidy up to make your house stand out

If you’re looking to sell quickly, you’re going to want to start cleaning, especially before those listing photos are taken

  1. Have your house staged

Want to go the extra mile beyond cleaning? Consider having your house staged, a way of decorating it so it’s more attractive to buyers

  1. Hire a professional photographer to take listing photos

A professional photographer has all the tools to capture the right lighting and make everything look brighter and inviting.” The pros also have wide-angle lenses to fit the entire room in the photo.

  1. Make your home available for showings

Once everything is set up, get ready to spend a lot of time away from your home so buyers and real estate agents can view the property comfortably— without you or your pets wandering around

  1. Find the right price

Staging and marketing your home are important components, but at the end of the day, the amount of money you’re asking buyers to pay could be what seals the deal

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Consumer Confidence is high which is great news for Home Sellers!!

Consumer confidence definitely affects the Real Estate Market and currently the Consumer Confidence Index is at 125.9, up from 120.6 in September. Consumer confidence is at its highest level in 17 years which was boosted by the job market. Confidence remains high among consumers and their expectations suggest the economy will continue expanding at a solid pace for the remainder of the year which proves that selling during the holidays can be a great idea because economic conditions are unknown for 2018.

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3 HUGE Benefits To Putting Your House On The Market During The Holidays

(1) Holiday buyers are motivated buyers. Some of the reasons why they need to buy is because they’re relocating, some have received end of year job bonuses that they can apply to a down payment, some need to buy for tax benefits while others want to buy before interest rates go up (and they will go up)

(2) Your home looks great and buyers can be more emotional around this time. From the smell of cookies to a beautifully decorated tree can make a buyer see themselves living in your home. The more emotional a buyer gets about your home, the more they are likely to pay.

(3) During the holidays there will be less homes on the market which means you will have less competition. Its basically the law of supply and demand.  Motivated home buyers outnumber the amount of homes for sale. This could mean MORE money for you!!!

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Home Seller Advice – Things To Consider If Your Home Gets Appraised

The appraisal

If your buyers are getting a mortgage, they will also have to hire an appraiser. The appraiser will not only size up your home in person but check out the sale prices of comparable houses in your neighborhood (much as a Realtor would do for you). If the appraiser’s price matches the one your buyers are paying (or even if it’s higher), all is good.

But if the appraisal comes back lower than the asking price, it may become a problem. Typically, lenders won’t loan buyers anything above the appraisal amount. The buyers have two choices: Pay cash for the difference, or negotiate a lower sale price with you. If they choose the latter, you’ve got two choices, too: Accept the lower home price, or walk. To decide, ask yourself: How easy would it be to find a new buyer? If you were deluged with offers, it may be in your interests to move on, but keep in mind that you might run into the same problem with subsequent appraisals. So unless you’re confident your home is worth more and you’re willing to head back to square one, you may want to take a hit just to keep moving forward


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Home Seller Advice – Brighten Things Up

Take the time to replace broken lights and repair electrical connections. No one wants busted electrical connections, and they’re dangerous too. Get an electrician to check out everything to prevent fire hazards. Replace busted light bulbs and have all others replaced with environment-friendly ones. This will make your unit look spanking new and will assure your buyer that your unit is worth the price you’re asking for.

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Home Seller Advice: On the fence about selling your home? Read this

All year, the overwhelming sentiment in the housing market has been frustration. Too few homes for sale drove prices sky high and led to fierce competition among buyers, especially at the entry level. So it was a little bit more than surprising to see a sudden burst of optimism among potential homebuyers in a monthly sentiment survey from Fannie Mae. Housing confidence rose in September to match the all-time high set in June. The main driver: a big jump in the share of current renters surveyed saying now is a good time to buy. In addition, the share of those respondents saying they believed home prices would go up in the next year dropped significantly. This, even though respondents continue to say that the main barrier to entry-level homeownership today is high prices. Consumer confidence is good for the time being, but when it shifts, it shifts rather fast and usually effects the real estate market. If you’ve been thinking of selling, the current conditions are in your favor, but won’t last forever

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Today’s Consumer Confidence Index Report

Consumer confidence can effect the real estate market and currently the Consumer Confidence Index is down .6 point which is nominal and consumers assessment of economic conditions remains favorable

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What Is a Listing Agent? Why a Home Sale Hinges on Agent’s Expertise

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