Home Buyer Advice: Stay Away From These Types Of Real Estate Agents

Home Buyer Scam Alert!!! Be careful of agent’s offering “VIP Home Buyer Service” or a similar service. What these agents are trying to do is charge you extra fees with names like “client service fee”, “doc prep fee” or “processing fee”. These agents will try to charge you thousands of dollars for these fees and they are absolutely unnecessary. Never pay your buyer’s agent (and the brokerage they represent) a penny!!! A great agent will give you VIP Service, look out for your best interest, negotiate on your behalf with expert skill, guide you through the transaction and never ask you for money. Home sale procedures are different outside of Los Angeles County, however if you’re buying a home in So Cal and your agent wants to charge you a fee, fire them

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 9:36 pm
Steven Galindo | Category: Home Buyer Advice

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